2011 Think Thank

Below are resources from the Bullying @ School and Online conference in June, 2011, as well as resources from the BRNET Think Tank.



Introductory Presentations

Dr. Swearer and Dr. Hymel: Introduction and Overview

Dr. Espelage: Bullying and LGBT Youth: Challenges and Future Directions

Dr. Hymel: Bullying and Moral Disengagement: Challenges and Future Directions

Dr. Cornell: Critical Challenges in the Translation of Research to Policy

Dr. Slee: Critical Challenges in the Translation of Research to Practice

Dr. Vaillancourt: Insights from Neuroscience


Small Group Summaries

Bullying and Moral Disengagement

Bullying & LGBT youth

Methodological and Definitional Issues

Translating Research to Practice


Reference Articles

From Dr. Beth Doll:

-Power et al., 2005: Reconceptualizing intervention integrity: A partnership-based framework for linking research with practice

-Doll, B., Pfohl, W., & Yoon, J. (2010). Handbook of youth prevention science. New York: Routledge. Chapters 2122, and 23.

From Dr. Dewey Cornell:

-Counselor Confirmation of Middle School Student Self-Reports of Bullying Victimization

-Effects of Validity Screening Items on Adolescent Survey Data

-Identifying Victims of Bullying: Use of Counselor Interviews to Confirm Peer Nominations



Keynote Presentations

Dr. Sheri Bauman: What do we Know about Cyberbullying?

Dr. Ian Rivers: Homophobic Bullying: Where are we after Two Decades of Research and Intervention?  

Dr. Shelley Hymel: Bullying and Morality: Understanding Why Good Kids Behave Badly. 

Dr. Phillip Slee: The PEACE Pack: A Program for Reducing Bullying in Our Schools.

Dr. Paul Poteat: Homophobic Language and Banter: It's Development and how it Hurts Everyone.


Breakout Presentations

Dr. Sheri Bauman: Cyberbullying Prevention and Reduction Strategies.

Dr. Susan Swearer: Bullying Intervention Program.

Dr. Susan Swearer: Psychological Issues in Bullying.

Dr. Susan Swearer: Bullying and Suicide Prevention.  

Dr. Ian Rivers: Bystanders: The Forgotten Victims of Bullying. 



From Jessica Gall:

-Definitions related to name-calling, bullying, and bias

-Cyberbullying warning signs

-Cyberbullying tip sheet

-CyberALLY program overview

From Dr. Sheri Bauman:

-Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Individual Referrals for Bullying

-The Support Group Approach to Bullying in Schools