Nebraska Bullying Prevention and Intervention Speaker Series

Join us for the 2012-2013 Nebraska Bullying Prevention and Intervention Speaker Series! Experts on bullying prevention and intervention will give a public lecture on their areas of expertise.

Please see the following links for information and slides from this series thus far:

"School-based Mental Health: Using MTSS as a System Change Framework to Translate Evidence-Based Practices to the Real World" - Dr. Clayton Cook

Abstract: This presentation will discuss the importance of school-based mental health and the use of a multi-tiered system of support.

"School-Based Prevention of Aggressive Behavior Problems: Integrating and Advancing the Evidence Base" - Dr. Catherine Bradshaw

Abstract: Dr. Catherine Bradshaw will present from some large-scale studies of bullying and randomized controlled trials examining the impact of school-based prevention programs on child and adolescent outcomes related to educational, behavioral, and mental health concerns.

"School Bullying in the Lives of Girls and Boys" - Dr. Laura D. Hanish

Abstract: School bullying is a social phenomenon that is deeply embedded in the peer culture – a culture which has its roots in gendered patterns of interactions. Gender differences in interactional styles, exacerbated by gender segregated relationships, underlie how school bullying is manifested, impacting the prevalence of bullying and the identity of bullies and victims, the form that bullying takes, the social correlates of bullying, and even peers’ awareness of bullying. The purpose of this talk is to discuss how and why gender and gendered peer relationships impact school bullying. In doing so, I will take a social relationship perspective on school bullying. I will conclude by discussing how a school-based intervention can address the gender-based relationship processes that contribute to school bullying for girls and boys.